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Irresistible wild food, handpicked and artisanally prepared


We’re a family-run team that handpicks and artisanally produces flavourful wild foods from all over Vancouver Island


We’re built upon a deep respect for nature and a sincere commitment to sustainable practices

Forest for Dinner brings you small-batch selections of mushrooms, greens, berries, and spices from the forest to the table. Enjoy distinctive and graceful wild foods sourced and collected with utmost attention to quality and sustainability.

All our products are

Who we are

 We are Ben and Celia, a husband-and-wife team and the founders of Forest for Dinner. For many years, we’ve gathered wild foods throughout Canada and Europe, giving us an intimate familiarity with the plants and ecosystems where we harvest them. Today our small team is based out of our facility in Port Alberni where we package and process small-batch selections of mushrooms, greens, berries and spices into fresh, frozen & preserved market-ready products.

"From the first email in 2015 asking about joining our farm market, and through every succeeding season, Ben and Celia have been outstanding and popular market regulars. They're careful stewards of our local forests and the mushrooms they nurture. They have earned a faithful following amongst our customers who value their quality products. We always look forward to September and the return of Forest for Dinner!"

– Susan, North Saanich Farm Market

"Forest for Dinner is an amazing and unique company! The owners Ben and Celia are wonderful hard working people, who have created something beautiful. We use their spruce tips for our chaga spruce tip lager, which has become a favourite of our regular customers. Forest for dinner has amazing quality and excellent customer service! I would highly recommend them! "

– Daniel van Netten, Howl brewing

"I have worked with Celia & Ben for around 5 years now. The quality of their products as well as their thoughtfulness and dedication to customer service has been outstanding. They were able to supply the highest quality wild products I have ever seen. I will continue to work with them whenever possible, personally and professionally, and I look forward to seeing their growth over the coming years."

– Ashton, Vancouver Island chef



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