Marinated Morel Mushrooms

Latin name: Morchella sp.
Common name(s): Morel, True Morel, Burn Morel, Conica, Yellow Morel, Black Morel
Wild harvested in Western Canada


190 mL

In stock

Part of the morels’ beauty and coveted status is that they are textured and spongy, beautifully soaking up flavour like nothing else. Our wild-harvested Marinated Wild Morels start out in dried form and we rehydrate them before marinating. Our special marinade imparts even more layered flavour while also capturing the morels’ fresh and tender texture. Delicious and ready-to-use, you can savour the mushrooms on their own or add them to dishes for a decadent and zippy bite.

Ingredients: Wild-harvested morels (Morchella sp.), Canola oil, Apple cider vinegar*, Water, Port wine, Salt, Black peppercorn*, Thyme*, Dried chili flakes* (*organic ingredients)


Sought after for their texture, flavour and scarcity, morel mushrooms are simply one of the most incredible tasting mushrooms in the world. Morels are an indispensable ingredient in French cuisine and part of a culinary heritage recognized worldwide and by gourmet chefs.

We find and forage these rare, earthy gems in the years following wildfires—they regenerate and flourish via the flush of nutrients in the soil after forest fires. The morels’ harvest window is brief and foraging for them is grueling work, but it’s oh so rewarding when we find those little black gems! Perhaps it’s the lengths it takes to find and forage morels that make their flavour so exceptional.

CULINARY INSPIRATION FOR Marinated Morel Mushrooms

  • Impress your guests by serving these as a savoury amuse-bouche
  • Serve them alongside your most-loved charcuterie
  • Delicious as a side dish or placed on skewers and grilled
  • Always superb eaten straight out of the jar

Storing suggestion

Once opened, store your jar of marinated morel mushrooms in a refrigerator at 4 °C (40 °F) or lower.

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