Wild Spice Sea Salt

Wild harvested on Vancouver Island, BC


35 g

Fruity and aromatic, this wild salt tastes of mountains and conifer forests. Use it to give a powerful accent to any savoury dish.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Canadian sea salt flakes, Wild-harvested juniper berries (Juniperus communis), Wild-harvested sweet gale seeds (Myrica gale)

CULINARY INSPIRATION FOR our wild spice salt

  • Try with white wine and butter over your favourite wild fish or rubbed as a marinade on wild game and farmed red meats
  • Makes a delightful salt rim for a gin margarita, “salty dog” or Gin Paloma
  • Use in combination with lemon zest and clear spirits to cure some wild salmon gravlax

Storing suggestion

Keep the jar in a dry environment away from direct sunlight.

Recipes Suggestion

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