Dried Sweet Gale

Latin name: Myrica gale
Common name(s): Sweet Gale, Sweetgale, Bog-myrtle, Sweet Bayberry
Wild harvested on Vancouver Island, BC


10 g

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Aromatic wild spice with tropical fruit notes and a robust flavour profile. Growing on lakeshore, pong edge or coastal sea meadows the sweet gale plants are robust shrubs with aromatic leaves and resiny green berries. Try using it for seasoning fish and game or flavouring stews.

Ingredients: 100% wild-harvested dried sweet gale seeds (Myrica gale)


Legends tell of herbal gruit beers beloved by the berserkers; the sweet gale used was said to induce lucid dreaming and to this day is sold in teas said to offer vivid dreams to the drinker. Use this wild spice as a rub for wild game, to spice deserts and for herbal teas and fermented beverages.


  • The strong flavour profile goes a long way and can be infused in cream, added to brothy soups, rubbed on proteins or dusted on vegetables
  • Paired with fruits the spice really shines
  • Accent a pear tart or use to spice a peach cobbler

Storing dried botanical

Dried botanicals last longer in a cool, dry place.
Keep the jar in a dry environment away from direct sunlight.

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