Dried Rose Hips

Latin name: Rosa nutkana
Common name(s): Rose Hip, Rosehip, Rose Haw, Rose Hep
Wild harvested on Vancouver Island, BC


30 g

Rose hips are a powerhouse of vitamins perfect for enjoying over the dark winter months in teas and hot infusions. They contain high levels of vitamin C and beneficial flavonoids and carotenoids, perfect to boost your immunity while the snows lie heavy on the ground.

Ingredients: Ingredients: 100% wild-harvested dried Nootka rose hips (Rosa nutkana)


The hips of wild nootka rose adorn the plant in fall and sweeten after the frost. The harvest is painstakingly slow as you avoid the thorns and pluck each small gem in turn. The hips get carefully dried to preserve essential vitamins and nutrients so we may enjoy them at leisure.
Take the time and savour these delicious wild hips in warm beverages to nourish the body during the long winter months.


  • Rhodomel is a type of mead crafted with rose hips as the primary flavouring element
  • Rosehip jam, sauces and even soups are beloved in parts of Scandinavia
  • Often paired with hibiscus in a nourishing tea in winter
  • Try with dried berries, dried turkey tails, wild currant leaves or other dried botanicals for an immune boosting beverage in the depths of winter
  • Can be infused into alcohol or non-alcoholic sparkling beverages
  • Make a simple syrup with the hips and using with your soda stream

Storing dried botanical

Dried botanicals last longer in a cool, dry place.
Keep the jar in a dry environment away from direct sunlight.

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