Wild Mountain Huckleberry Jam

Latin name: Vaccinium membranaceum
Common name(s): Mountain Huckleberry, Big Huckleberry , Blue Huckleberry
Wild harvested on Vancouver Island, BC


190 mL

In stock

Hand-harvested from higher elevations on Vancouver Island’s coastal mountains, rare & sought-after mountain huckleberries soak up the sun to grow plump & flavourful. Packed with vibrant fruit, this jam brings you the succulent, layered flavour of these wild berries. Versatile option for all your morning classics, like pancakes, toast or yogurt.

Ingredients: Wild-harvested mountain huckleberries (Vaccinium membranaceum), Sugars (organic cane sugar), Pectin, Organic lemon juice


Hand-picked from the higher elevations of Vancouver Island’s coastal mountains, prized mountain huckleberries soak up the sun to grow plump and flavourful. They are distinct from the little red huckleberries commonly seen at the edge of Pacific Northwest forests—mountain huckleberries are juicier and darker in colour. Once you taste this jam, you’ll understand why we go to such great lengths to forage these beauties!

Culinary inspiration For Mountain Huckleberry Jam

  • Slather on hot pancakes or waffles
  • Make ice creams even tastier with a dollop of jam
  • Add to fresh-baked muffins
  • Pies and Danish pastries are fantastic with mountain huckleberries!

Storing suggestion

Once opened, store your jar of wild mountain huckleberry jam in a refrigerator at 4 °C (40 °F) or lower.

Recipes Suggestion

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